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What is the security circle?
The security circle, the circle of trust, can be explained as a group of 3-5 people who you think trust and know that person. Many personal trust circles will build a trust circle and connect with many other security circles around the globe that form the Pi Network. And when you add 5 people to your security circle, you get an additional 0.2π / h (Add that speed of digging).
How to create a security circle with Pi Network

After downloading the application from https://minepi.com/ to set up and create a Pi mining account, you must complete 3 continuous training sessions (3 sessions), each training session is 24 hours, which means after (3 days of participation continuous excavation). Every 24 hours you have to dig into the Pi App to activate by clicking on the lightning sign. When you have 3 consecutive sessions, you can establish a security circle. To establish a security circle, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Menu bar -> Choose Earn Pi -> In Contributor section select "BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR" or click directly on the lightning bolt to enter the security circle.

Step 2: You add people to the security circle, You add 5 people to the security circle, then your security circle will be 100%. The security circle will increase Pi mining speed by 0.20π / h. But note that you must add trusted people and real accounts, later they must pass KYC, so that the extra π $ Pi from your security circle is not deducted. To add you have two ways:

   ** Add the people you have recommended: You choose "ADD AN EXISTING PI USER"

** Add from people who have joined the Pi Network and have them in your phone book: You select "ADD FROM CONTACTS"

Step 3: You just need to select the people you want to add to the security circle, then click "ADD"

Step 4: When you add 5 people to the security circle, it will look like the image below. And you have to wait for the next training session to add 0.20π / h.

Ok, so I showed you how to create a security circle for Pi Network. Good luck!

Currently the Pi Network community in China is growing very strong and some commercial websites have paid for with Pi Coin.

And according to statistics from the Code Team currently there are more than 3.5 million people participating in digging Pi Coin continuously every day (Excluding people who registered but did not access).

If you don't want to miss an opportunity like you missed the bitcoin mining festival of years ago, I think this might be an opportunity for you. Simple work can be done directly on the phone. 

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